Goals. Plans. Actions.


  • WEEK 0

You'll be completing our comprehensive intake process including but not limited to:

  • BASE-line assessment™

  • Financial Strength Finder Assessment™

  • kolbe A Index

  • WEEK 1

Official on-boarding begins with our strategic planning session to map out the the 90 Day MAP (Marketing Action Plan)

  • 90-Day Marketing Action plan development

  • kPIs established

  • key profit driving deliverables outlined

  • WEEKS 2 — 5

Meeting weekly, communicating consistently, gaining access to systems, assets and other critical materials to expedite the turnaround time on deliverables growing forward.

  • strategic asset review

  • critical access established

  • implementation begins

  • WEEK 6: Mid Point Review

Mid-Point Review

  • project management recap

  • deliverable review

  • kPI's, goals, metrics and milestone discussion

  • action plan and project goals reestablished

  • WEEKS 7 — 12

Meeting bi-weekly and communicating regularly via email and our supported channels.

  • SOP framework creation

  • workflow action mapping

Plan. Do. Review.

Let us do all of that for you.