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Chapter 1: The Uncharted Path

August 10, 20231 min read

Meet Alex – an Entrepreneur, Authority Professional, you, me.

In the bustling arena of business, Alex isn't just a character; they're a mirror reflecting the passion, drive, and dreams that ignite the hearts of innovators and independents, while also exploring the obstacles and choices along the way.

Rewind three years to a world engulfed in the uncertainties of a pandemic. It was a time when chaos reigned, and amidst the turmoil. Alex stood at the threshold of a new adventure. With courage as their compass, they took their first step into the unknown, embracing the twists and turns that awaited.

Today, Alex it sitting over the kitchen table, gazing out the window reminiscing over the journey of success.  While bank accounts might not have skyrocketed as envisioned, there's a treasure trove of "non-sales victories" that tell a different story:

  • Breaking free from the confines of red tape,

  • That thrill of landing that elusive first client,

  • The buzz of seeing that notification of their first payment.  

Suddenly, Alex feels that buzz! Glancing at their phone, they see a notification from their CRM.

A message pops up letting them know their lead canceled today’s sales call.

“Something came up, will reschedule in a week or two!”

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Liz Dederer

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