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Chapter 2: A Glimpse into the Future

August 10, 20232 min read

With a fresh cup of coffee in hand, Alex settled into their home office, the glow of the laptop screen illuminating their determined expression.

Today was different; today held the promise of insight that could alter the trajectory of their business.

As they navigated through the sea of unopened emails, one subject line caught their eye like a beacon in the digital wilderness: "Q4 Marketing Strategy Accelerator"

Intrigued, Alex clicked, eager to uncover the secrets that could shape their upcoming quarter.

However, hope turned to disappointment as Alex discovered that this wasn't an article to save or webinar to register for, it was for strategic planning — AND you had to pay for it!

About to close the page, a thought emerged like a whisper in the back of their mind.

A mental catalog of past endeavors emerged – countless webinars, training decks, downloads, and workbooks collected over the years. It was a treasure trove of information, each resource a potential tool for growth and progress.

With a renewed determination, Alex shifted their focus from external sources to the wealth of knowledge they had already amassed.

As insights flowed like a steady stream from memories of past learning experiences, Alex's mind raced with possibilities.

They reflected on the countless moments when they had said, "Next year, I'll implement social marketing" or "Once I reach that milestone, I'll finally..."

As the ghosts of unfulfilled "shoulda woulda couldas" haunted their journey, the reality hits home.

This time last year, Alex had set ambitious goals and promised themselves that things would be different. Yet, as Q4 of yet another year approaches, they found themselves standing at the crossroads once again, grappling with the same unfulfilled aspirations.

Alex's gaze shifted from the laptop screen to the world beyond the window.

The sound of school buses breaking in the background serve as a stark reminder of the passing of time. How is it summer just started yet it's over so quickly? The impending sense of back to school seemed to whisper secrets of change and transformation, urging Alex to embrace the urgency of the moment.

With a renewed sense of purpose, Alex's fingers hovered over the keyboard. Their eyes flickered between the screen and the invisible shelf of accumulated knowledge. The mouse cursor, like a pendulum of decision, hung over the button that could unlock a new path.

The realization settled deep within them – the looming fourth quarter, and by extension, their future, was slipping by faster than felt ok.

Was it time to turn the "shoulda woulda couldas" into action, or to harness the untapped potential of the resources they had gathered?!

And so, in the quiet of their home office, with the hum of possibilities in the air, Alex's hand hovered, the cursor still flashing, taunting the moments of time.

Will Alex explore this opportunity of strategic planning — one that could bridge the gap between intention and implementation, turning aspirations into accomplishments?

To be continued...

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Liz Dederer

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